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Competitive Pricing & Hassle Free Application

The rate are low but it also varies depending on a merchant’s risk and credit profile

Credit Cards

Faster Approval

ATM Debit Cards (MEPS)

Quick & hassle free. Get your account set up in less than 2 weeks.

Process your ATM Debit Card or MEPS payments quickly and without delay. 


Customers’ credit card information is encrypted. Data is stored on our servers, not on your reader or device.

Print your receipt online. A customer copy receipt is sent via email or sms. 

Application Security

Online Receipt 

See your complete sales history, view your scheduled deposits, issue refunds.

Track Payment Activity

Just connect and collect your payment anytime, anywhere.

Business On The Go

Chip & PIN Ready

Bank Negara will make Chip & PIN mandatory for all merchants by

1 JULY 2017

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